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Free Facebook Likes

Why Are Facebook Likes Important?

Likes are pretty important when it comes to social media, especially Facebook. It is Facebook that shaped the current social media platforms. Of course, there were other popular platforms before; however, we can say that Facebook is the pioneer of the modern social media world. Facebook introduced the Like button in 2009, and it attracted a lot of attention. So, why are they so important, and how can you get free Facebook likes?

When people started to like each other's posts on Facebook, it was like the currency of the platform. The more likes you had, the better you were. It is crucial for people who want to become a public figure. Likes are a sign of someone's popularity. They are also proof that the content is high-quality, and it attracts attention. 

Facebook likes are not only important for public figures; they are crucial for businesses as well. Nowadays, all kinds of businesses are online and on social media. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that can offer a professional environment for businesses. There are many company pages, and what matters the most for them is likes and followers.